Thursday, June 08, 2006

Alien in Duck X-ray Fetches $9,600 on e-Bay

I am really going to start looking extra close at everything if money can be made this easily.

A local bird rescue group will be $9,600 richer thanks to an unlucky duck and an unusual X-ray.

The International Bird Rescue Research Center auctioned off an X-ray that appears to show an alien inside an injured mallard duck. The auction ended Sunday with a top bid of $9,600.

The mallard was taken in to the center in Cordelia with a broken wing. But when the center's assistant manager, Marie Travers, radiographed the bird, the X-ray came back with more than just broken bones.

"I saw a face. The stereotypical alien head ... with big eyes," Travers said.

Travers wasn't the only one who saw the large bulbous eye sockets and odd alien grimace on the head clearly seen tucked away in the duck's stomach.

"It clearly stood out," said center director Jay Holcomb. "We were looking at the broken wing, but the face is all we could look at."

Most assumed the bird had inadvertently eaten a toy alien or gobbled up something that closely resembled an otherworldly visitor. But after the duck succumbed to his injuries, a necropsy turned up even more suprises in the mallard's innards.

"Just corn, corn and grit," Travers said.

"No alien heads," Holcomb added.

While the investigation turned up no evidence of extraterrestrial intervention, Holcomb hoped the undeniably odd X-ray could help raise some cash from an online curiosity connoisseur.

"The poor bird didn't make it, but if we can raise money to take care of other birds, that's great," Holcomb said.

Holcomb said around Cordelia, a place where unusual crop circles back in 2003 were just one example of the area's proclivity for the otherworldly, the alien head may be more than just a X-ray anomaly.

"Cordelia's a hot bed of alien activity," Holcomb explained. "We've seen the crop circles, so it stands to reason we'd see an alien face staring out of a duck."

Stands to REASON? That's too funny!

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