Friday, November 17, 2006

The 3 most frightening words ever invented by any religion "Come Join Us" - Bad Religion

so you say you gotta know why the world goes 'round
and you can't find the truth in the things you've found
and you're scared shitless 'cuz evil abounds
come and join us

well I heard you were looking for a place to fit in
full of adherent people with the same objective
a family to cling to and call brethren
come and join us

all we want to do is change your mind
all you need to do is close your eyes

so come and join us
come and join us
come and join us

don't you see the trouble that most people are in
and that they just want you for their own advantage
but I swear to you we're different from all of them
come and join us
I can tell you are lookin' for a way to live
where truth is determined by consensus
full of codified arbitrary directives
come and join us
all we want to have is your small mind
turn it into one of our own kind
you can go through life adrift and alone
desperate, desolate, on your own
but we're lookin' for a few more stalwart clones
so come and join us
come and join us
come and join us

we've got spite and dedication as a vehement brew
the world hates us, well we hate them too
but you're exempted of course if you
come and join us
independent, self-contented, revolutionary
intellectual, brave, strong and scholarly
if you're not one of them, you're us already so
come and join us


breakerslion said...

Viva la Revolucion!

Anonymous said...

Come join us in our ignorance and elaborate rituals which endeavour to turn bizarre fantasies into realities!

Join us and eat of the flesh and drink of the blood and you'll be saved!

Join us and give generously that the work of God can spread throughout the world and we can acquire lots of real estate and investments! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I always found it funny that the Catholic religion teaches humility and poverty as a way to salvation and that Jesus in the Bible said that the elaborate ceremonies are pointless. Yet all the religious ceremonies are based on is extravagant costumes, gold is seen to abound everywhere and etc. you get the point.

Stardust said...

damian - I know what you are saying. The Vatican is filled with wealth. Priests live like kings even in neighborhoods filled with hunger and poverty. Protestants are the same way. The pastors and ministers are all cared for with comfortable homes, nice cars, etc while many of their parishoners are scraping by at poverty level. Then the TBN people are the same way...on stages with gold everywhere, gold jewelry and huge pink hairdos, glamorous clothing and talk of wealth. They even describe heaven with streets paved with gold and many mansions, etc. They interpret the bible literally on what they choose to, and do not see that it is only metaphor.

Greedy bastards.