Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cult of Scientology on trial in France

PARIS (AFP) – The Church of Scientology and six of its French leaders went on trial on Monday on charges of organised fraud that could lead to an outright ban on the organisation in France.

Church of Scientology on trial in France

Should we go so far as to ban Scientology as they are trying to do in France? IMO those who believe in Scientology should be free to practice their religion just like any other. If we ban Scientology, then why not Benny Hinn and other crazy evangelists who emotionally con stupid people out of their money.

The court is hearing a complaint from two women, one of whom alleges she was manipulated into handing over 20,000 euros (28,000 dollars) for costly Scientology products, such as an “electrometer” to measure mental energy.

Whose fault is it really for this?

The plaintiffs’ lawyers argue that Scientology resorts to harassment and pressure to rein in victims who show signs of vulnerability.

But used car salesmen use similar tactics, should we ban them? Most evangelical religions use similar tactics and it is up to the consumer to say a simple two-letter word. “NO” But then again, there are those in society who are simply stupid, or mentally handicapped in some way. I can understand the argument in favor of the victims who were taken advantage of, but then go after the crime, not ban the believers right to follow their religion, as goofy as it may be.

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