Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am God, I listen to myself, figure things out and do.

"How do you know you're God?"
"When I pray to him I find that I am talking to myself."

From The Ruling Class by Peter Barnes


The Romantic Mystic said...

Hey Star!

I think that knowing I'm not God is what keeps me humble. If there is a God then He obviously has some characteristics that I don't have. For me to try and be like God in every way would lead me to pride and arrogance.

For example:

God is self-sufficient I'm not
God is all-knowing I'm not
God is perfect I'm not
God is infinite I'm not
God is all-powerful I'm not
God is everywhere at once I'm not
God is unlimited in understanding I'm not

I am humbled in believing that there is a God and I'm not it.

tina FCD said...

Oh if I only had something witty to say right now, but I can only snort and chuckle. :)

Stardust said...

Some people just can't make up their mind if they believe god exists or not.

Tina, when I was a church-goer and listening to the pastor say the prayer that was supposedly to his great imaginary friend, I realized that it was simply a speech from him to his sheeple. It was for our benefit, not of some supernatural being in another dimension. And when people pray, they are actually talking to themselves, figuring things in their own minds.

It always looks so strange to me when people close their eyes and say magical incantations to their food. If they would replace the god character with Barney, Scooby Doo or Harvey the man-sized rabbit, someone would have them committed.

tina FCD said...