Thursday, April 01, 2010

Falwell's Mini-Me carries on

I don’t have enough time to write a decent commentary on this, but thought it needed to be posted. You can read the article and discuss amongst yourselves.

Chancellor Falwell Is Trying To Turn Tax-Exempt Liberty University Into A Partisan Political Machine – And Dominate Lynchburg Elections. Will The IRS Step In?

Will the IRS step in? They damn well better!


tina FCD said...

Well this is not good. ugh.

Uruk said...

Fundamentalist Christians really think they have an inherent right to "take America back". This drive bothers me. The first time I noticed that I was becoming different from most Christians around me (before I became atheist) was when I started to realize the Constitution has to uphold everyone's freedom. That means that religion must remain private.

Saying that around certain Christians (not all) can get you some shocked or even dirty looks.

I attended a small church where the pastor was a Liberty graduate and had learned under Fallwell. I noticed that leading up to the first G. W. Bush election, he would often say, "Now I'm not allowed to tell you how to vote and I can't endorse any candidates before you, but you know that you should 'vote your conscience'."

That's code word for:

'Vote Republican. They're the moral, Christian ones'.

I did the very opposite of what our pastor suggested, even though I was still a Christian at the time. I didn't like the subtle political influence he was using.

Fundamentalist Christianity has too much power in our country. It's time that the radically religious understand that they have no place trying to overtake America. Of course Christians have every right to live here, worship here, and flourish here because that's what this nation aimed to do.

All other Americans have this right, too.

The founding fathers of this country were smart enough to know that a religious state eventually sneers at the concept of freedom for all in the name of "morality" and "godly rules". Concepts that will ultimately give licence to leaders so that they might oppress others for simply being a different religion.

OK. I'll stop now!

Stardust said...

Uruk, I hear you. Fundamentalist Christians do indeed have way too much influence in this country and get their way all too often. They go so far as to rewrite science, actually disregarding science in lieu of their "dinosaurs coexisted with humans" fantasies without any evidence to support those beliefs what-so-ever. They refuse to really study and understand history, science, or any subject for that matter and choose to just pick and choose from their ancient mythology book what they want to apply to their lives and they want to make fantasies up concerning the Constitution, as well. They are as bad as Islam with wanting their own way even if they have to make shit up as they go along. Very disturbing.