Monday, May 31, 2010

Vatican reaches out to atheists/agnostics?

The pope and these creepy ghouls at the Vatican are claiming they want to “improve he church’s relationship with non-believers”, but as we all know, what this really is is a sneaky, underhanded attempt to convert us and bring what they perceive as lost sheep back into the fold. Well, I say, no thanks!

The Vatican is planning a new initiative to reach out to atheists and agnostics in an attempt to improve the church’s relationship with non-believers. Pope Benedict XVI has ordered officials to create a new foundation where atheists will be encouraged to meet and debate with some of the Catholic Church’s top theologians.

But the ones who can really make points and take the church theologians to task, like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, will not be invited.

The Vatican hopes to stage a series of debates in Paris next year. But militant non-believers hoping for a chance to set senior church figures straight about the existence of God are set to be disappointed: the church has warned that atheists with high public profiles such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens will not be invited.

Perhaps that is because the Pope and his delusional entourage feel that they will not be able to stand up to such “militant atheists” or perhaps they feel such “militant atheists” are a lost cause for conversion.

“We, as believers, must have at heart even those people who consider themselves agnostics or atheists,” he said. “When we speak of a New Evangelization, these people are perhaps taken aback. They do not want to see themselves as an object of mission or to give up their freedom of thought and will. Yet the question of God remains present even for them, even if they cannot believe in the concrete nature of his concern for us.”

And they still try, try, try to make it like we really do believe, we just don’t know it. If they were really truly interested in our viewpoints they would understand that the “question of God” is only present for us because god believers always have an underlying evangelistic plot to bring us to their beliefs. Well, Dawkins and Hitchens or not, we will still ask the difficult questions…the first one being why the hell don’t you get your own house in order before attempting to reach out to anyone?


Anonymous said...

There is no question for me. God doesn't exist. Point, score, match.

I'm even into the nihilist camp. I don't believe in anything at all. Would be most accurate to call me an existential nihilist.

Priests can fling their natural order/gods order shit at me all day long and I don't care.

CyberKitten said...

stardust quoted: even those people who 'consider themselves' agnostics or atheists....

Like we don't *actually* exist but are simply mistaken.... Yeah, right... [rotflmao]

Stardust said...

Cyberkitten, that got me, too. Like we only "consider" ourselves to be atheist, but the church "knows" we are wrong. Most of us recognize what they really mean and their true intentions. They can stay far, far away from me and not reach in my direction at all. Keep their creepy hands to themselves...and let them go debate, masturbate, whatever they want to do with themselves.

tina FCD said...

.and let them go debate, masturbate, whatever they want to do with themselves.


Stardust said...

Hi tina...yeah, as long as they leave me and everyone else alone, especially little boys.