Monday, November 22, 2010

Good news

We could all use a little bit of good news these days, and this news gives me some hope that maybe many in the red states aren’t that backwards after all.
By a vote of 8-4, the state’s Textbook/Media/Library Advisory Council voted to support biology textbooks that uphold sound science and do not allow fundamentalist religious concepts to interfere.
For once, Louisiana has provided a glimmer of hope that maybe it no longer wants to be a science-education laughing stock.
Sadly though, there were still a third of the votes in favor of adding creationism to science textbooks. That is still too big of a percentage in favor of superstition being taught as reality in this day and age.
“There is no major research university in this country that teaches intelligent design or anything like that. It is simply not science,” Kevin Carman, dean of the LSU College of Science told the AP. “We need our textbooks to be focused on what is scientifically accurate and not religion.”
Could officials in Louisiana finally be ready to listen to the experts, instead of Religious Right zealots? We really hope so – but it is probably too soon to call.
In any case, we’ll gladly accept this win.

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truthspew said...

Very interesting. Yes there is sanity and reason even in the reddest of states.

I've also noted what I consider street prosyletization going on around here lately.

There's one Jesus freak I see maybe once ever few weeks. I'm to the point now that when he approaches me I just give him the palms down and shake my head.

One of these days he's gonna catch me in a mood to rip into his religious beliefs. He better be ready to defend them.