Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hitchens on Women and Religion

Once Western women come to understand that men have used and still use religion to control and keep women “in their place”, I find it puzzling why most women still cling to primitive Biblical beliefs despite modern feminist views and all that we have come to learn about cultures, customs and beliefs around the world throughout time. Why would a woman even find the Christian version of a god comforting when the Bible is full of hundreds of passages which promote the oppression of women and promote the opposite of feminist views and equality to their male counterparts. The same for those whose ancestors were slaves and held in bondage and all justified with Biblical passages. How can they find this religion and this god who condones slavery to be comforting if they have read and understood their religious texts at all? As a female ex-Christian who finally “saw the light” in my early 30s, I can’t see why most women wouldn’t be atheist.
Here is Christopher Hitchens discussing women and religion:

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