Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good question

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Tommy said...

Well, of course, the lemmings need someone to give them a sense of direction!

I just put up a new post about Iranian president Ahmadinejad kissing the hand of an elderly lady in public.

Stardust said...

Good post, tommy. I will never be able to even begin to understand the thinking of religious fundamentalists who denounce displays of love and affection, but condone and promote violence and I said at your blog, they even protest public displays of love and affection with violence and bloodshed! And as beaj mentioned in the comments of your post...public stonings! It's so sad that in the Islamic culture how the woman is to blame for anything that happens to her and is also condemned to public stonings or other punishments for something she could not control. Is this really 2007?

beepbeepitsme said...

The model is pretty much the same in all hierarchies whether they are religious ones or political ones. Those at the top encourage those at the bottom to do the "dangerous stuff."

Leaders tend to consider their own lives to be indispensible - the lives of others? - Nah.

Tommy said...

Did you ever see the Woody Allen movie Love and Death? It's a spoof of War and Peace. Allen's character finds himself serving in the Russian Army fighting Napoleon's army. At one point he looks up at the hill where the Russian generals are and he asks "I wonder how the battle looks to them." The scene cuts to a group of generals standing on the hill looking down, and then you see what they see, hundreds of sheep stampeding around.