Sunday, January 17, 2010

After disaster stikes, many god believers become even more delusional

First of all, I want to say that the earthquake disaster is horrific, and I encourage all to donate whatever you can to whatever charity you choose to help the victims of the quake get clean water, food,clothing and medical care.

It happens everywhere in the world where there are god believers in times of disaster. They say that their god brought this upon them, that their god saves some and brings miracles of survival to others, lets some come through it all unscathed while others perish. And while they fear this invisible entity for which there is no evidence of its existence, they also continue to praise their gods, even more likely to praise their gods in the worst of times.

LINK: Haitians praise their god after apocalyptic quake

“Why give thanks to God? Because we are here,” Toussaint said. “We say ‘Thank you God.’ What happened is the will of God. We are in the hands of God now.”

It’s mind boggling how these people can still cling to the idea that there is some huge invisible overlord who wills disasters and the deaths of thousands in a matter of minutes. And even more puzzling is how can they still praise this sort of being and call him “good”!

At the roofless cathedral, elderly women worried the beads of their rosaries and prayed for the intervention of Our Lady Of The Ascension, to whom the 81-year-old church is named.

This being they follow is so horrible they must beg via another magical being for “intervention.”

Then you get the “end of times” bullcrap that we so often hear from the superstitious folks:

An apparently demented elderly woman began preaching on the sideline of the Mass: “Where is our justice? Now the palace of justice has been broken down … we are all infected by disease. The end is near.”

Must seem like it amidst all the rubble. I can understand the hopeless feeling of the victims.

And a woman was pulled alive, dehydrated but otherwise uninjured, from the ruins of the Montana Hotel, to the applause of onlookers.

The son of co-owner Nadine Cardoso said he could hear her voice from the rubble. Twelve hours later, with more than 20 friends and relatives watching, she was lowered from a hill of debris on a stretcher.

“It’s a little miracle,” her husband, Reinhard Riedl, said after hearing she was alive in the wreckage. “She’s one tough cookie. She is indestructible.”

But the rescue was bittersweet for Cardoso’s sister Gerthe: Rescuers had to abandon a search for her 7-year-old grandson after an aftershock closed a space where he was believed to be.

So an imaginary being, is sitting up in his other dimension looking down and snuffing out some men, women and children, and then allowing others to live as if he were sorting through beans for soup.

At the cathedral, the Rev. Toussaint described his own near-miraculous survival.

“I watched the destruction of the cathedral from this window,” he said, pointing to a window in what remains of the archdiocese office. “I am not dead because God has a plan for me.”

“What happens is a sign from God, saying that we must recognize his power – we need to reinvent ourselves,”

It’s pathetic how so many believe they are the special pet of an imaginary supernatural Sky Daddy, and that this being causes suffering and devastation to “recognize him”…wouldn’t just appearing to us all in the clouds above every nation so that every person on Earth can see him all at one time be a way to make us recognize his power if he exists? Why be cruel and destructive and violent when he has the power to show himself in a peaceful way? If a human parent tears apart the house and destroys things and kills, then that parent is taken away to jail, locked up and brought to justice…and the children taken away.

But so many think it is just fine for their god to behave in such a way that human beings would be arrested and probably executed for.


CyberKitten said...

....and there are those who still say - without a hint of irony - that their religion is *rational*. I would beg to differ on that!

Stardust said...

I was just reading something earlier today about how atheism is irrational and doesn't make sense because it promotes that something came from nothing. That shows how uneducated or under-educated many people are. They choose to remain willfully ignorant and are too used to making up their own little stories for the explanation for things they do not know or understand. They know nothing about atheism, and like they make things up about their imaginary friends they want to believe in, they make stuff up about we atheists, too. They deny actual science and evidence in lieu of fantasy.

CRL said...

I think the main mistake religion makes is in seeing things as clearly "good" or "evil" or "from god" or "from the devil", when in the real world, there is no pure good or pure evil, everything is bit of both.

tina FCD said...

You said things that I wanted to say about the god business in Haiti.
What about the little 11 year old girl trapped in the rubble by debris on her leg.They finally got her out and if there were praises for a god that saved her, what happened after they got her out? She died anyway. Hmmm...pretty evil god if you ask me. Do they then say, "well, it was gods will?

Side note: Would you converse with a christian through an e-mail if asked, rather than converse on your blog?
I comment on another blog(he was blogging about the same thing you did here) and the blogger was asked to do this.

Here's what the christian said:I really would like to get into a few involved e-mail exchanges with you on some matters that God taught me when I left church. I don’t want to discuss with you on your blog because this is your mark on the landscape and it could easily turn into a battle of ego and ridicule rather than a serious attempt to discuss matters of truth.

Stardust said...

No, Tina. Done with getting caught in those "traps". They think that if they can get you away from your peers that they can get the delusion through to you better. The way the message to you is worded "matters that God taught me when I left the church" indicates a desire to witness to you. I would say don't go there, especially if you don't know the person. I made the mistake of trusting someone on here and gave him my email address and it got really, really weird.

tina FCD said...

The comment was to a fellow atheist blogger, from the christian. I would rather do the "talk" on my blog so everyone can read it. :)
But thanks for the advice, I thought the same thing in that comment that you quoted from the x-tian....witnessing. Ugh!

Stardust said...

Tina, evangelical Christians are so easy to spot, aren't they? They all use the same jargon, same tactics, same phrases, gimmicks, etc. It's as if their brains are programmed...well, er, they are, actually. When you do repetitive ritual, repetitive songs, repetitive sermons, repetitive really brainwashing the masses. And when people take it home and do it themselves, they don't even realize they are brainwashing themselves.

tina FCD said...

That's kind of freaky when you put it that way. :)

beepbeepitsme said...

The dichotomy between the god of the old testament and the one in the new, has always been fascinating; almost as if they are not the same one.

The vengeful, warlike god of the OT and the all-loving god of the new. I have no idea how they reconcile the two and remain sane.

CyberKitten said...

beepbeep said: I have no idea how they reconcile the two and remain sane.

I believe there was a heresy that said they were actually two different Gods. Can't remember which heresy it was though.....

Stardust said...

beep, is that really you?! :-D Where've you been?

While the god of the OT and the god of the NT can seem like two different gods is usually because of the "love" Christians attach to the NT god because they look at the horrible thing he allowed to happen to be out of tenderness and love for his creations. If you consider that this was a horrible thing, to make a son for himself, then to allow this son to be tortured and brutally executed in a horrific way, then this god is consistently evil thoughout the entire bible. Revelation is a culmination of this evilness and violent character.

beepbeepitsme said...

G'day. Yup, it is really me. I had forgotten the password to my blog and kind of just let it sit for a while.

Now, I just have to find the motivation to write a few articles.

Good to see you are still keeping up the good work.