Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to all my friends in blogland. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I am going to try to start posting more often again.

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A Graceful Arc
Credit & Copyright: Tony Hallas

Explanation: The graceful arc of the Milky Way begins and ends at two mountain peaks in this solemn night sky panorama. Created from a 24 frame mosaic, exposures tracking Earth and sky were made separately, with northern California's Mount Lassen at the left and Mount Shasta at the far right, just below the star and dust clouds of the galactic center. Lassen and Shasta are volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain Range of North America, an arc of the volcanic Pacific Ring of Fire. In the dim, snow-capped peaks, planet Earth seems to echo the subtle glow of the Milky Way's own faint, unresolved starlight.


tina FCD said...

Kinda sucks, one day we will never see these spectacular photo's or in person.
I will enjoy them while I can though.
Happy New Year to you too.

Stardust said...

It does suck that one day we won't be here to see this...planet Earth will some day be no more...we will turn to stardust from where we came.

Stardust said...

and yes...enjoy it while we are here. :-)