Friday, September 21, 2007

Flying Spaghetti Monster Sunday School

This little YouTube video illustrates very simply the point that children are born without an inkling of superstitious beliefs. These beliefs and god ideas are written on these little "clean slates" of the innocent child's mind by parents and people parents trust to their child's care and education. From my experience as an ex-Xian, Sunday school teacher messages can also clash with those told by parents because parents trust non-educated or even illiterate strangers to brainwash their kids with the god crap and even the child starts adding stuff as they go along to how they want things to be. Children can become confused with conflicting information, or just treat all of the information they are getting like an ongoing add-on/delete story like the telephone game most of us have all played. Most little kids are quite imaginative, and also will believe anything an adult tells them, and even what other kids tell them. They don't have the capacity to discern fantasy from reality when very small and are easily programmable.

This simple video shows how one can take a child and teach him anything when he/she is little and impressionable. They will believe you because most little kids think that mom and dad, or their caretakers and adults would not lie to them. Considering the innumerable gods, stories about those gods, stories about how the world came to be that are told to children at very young ages, that is exactly what is happening. Brainwashing via using the parents own learned beliefs at an early age, mixed in with bits and pieces of other people's variations of those learned beliefs. Get 'em while they are still in the cradle is most god believer tactics. Brainwashing about a great sky daddy watching their every move, and the delusion of living forever if they simply believe is a very important priority of the god botherers. Then they are hoping that the little ones will become brainwashed enough to go out into the world for such causes as THIS as posted by vjack at Atheist Revolution, "Christian Extremists to Invade Public Schools". And these same god botherers wonder why the world is so screwed up.

(Maybe we atheists should ban together and start "adopting churches" to rescue from their ancient superstitious beliefs?)

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