Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hemant Mehta Speaks at Creation Museum Protest

H/T to Mikayla starstuff for this one:

This speech was given at the "Rally for Reason" the evening before the opening of the Creation Museum in Boone County, Kentucky. The speaker is Hemant Mehta, a blogger at and author of "I Sold My Soul on eBay." Mehta is also the chair of the Secular Student Alliance.

Video is courtesy of Michigan Atheists.


vjack said...

Outstanding! Simply outstanding! I had not seen this before, and it was great to be able to do so.

Hemant is a brilliant guy who presents himself exceptionally well and makes a great spokesperson. I really like his point about how difficult it is as a high school teacher to think that students might consider this debacle as deserving of respect because it is a "museum." I can relate to everything he says here.

The existence of this "museum" is an insult to all educated Americans and should be a source of embarrassment for all. It tells me that there are serious problems with our educational system, but I am encouraged that we have teachers like Hemant speaking out so effectively.

Stardust said...

vjack, hello!

Yes, this is an outstanding video and Hemant is very well-spoken.

The creation museum is indeed should be a source of embarrassment for all of those who value education and those who understand science whether they believe in a god or not. Most Christians can reconcile their faith and science and realize that without scientific education and knowledge their lives would not be as they are today. It's interesting how those who talk about having faith rely on science so much. Few choose mere faith which is supposed to be their "all and everything" in life. They run to the doctors and medicine when they are sick, they rely on science for their communications and for transportation and for nearly every single thing in their lives. I know of not one Christian or other kind of god believer who is willing to go it alone, totally on faith in the gods they have been taught to believe in.

Tommy said...

I am planning on taking my family on vacation to Kentucky either next summer or the summer after that. It should be interesting to see what kind of folks I run into around there.

BTW, I want to go there because I want to visit Mammoth Cave and Land Between the Lakes.

Stardust said...

tommy, my husband's brother lives in Louisville, and yes...there are a lot of fundies down there. Our brother-in-law is Anglican, and his third wife seems to be of the evangelical persuasion (she makes people hold hands while saying grace.)

Mammoth Cave is awesome. We were there when the kids were little and perhaps our daughter was too small to go. My husband ended up carrying her through the whole tour as she slept and was a dead weight on him. But it was worth going. I hate the part where they have everyone standing there and they turn the lights out for a couple minutes.