Sunday, October 26, 2008

Only fools believe . . .

. . . in zombie Jesus.

Mondo Gonzales is at it again, this time focusing on another group of people with his intolerant bigotry — atheists.

“Atheism is a faith”, says Mondo, which we know is totally false. He might be able to understand correctly what atheism is if he could step outside of his fundie bubble for five minutes and take the time to truly educate himself about atheism instead of simply inventing a meaning for himself from his own imagination.

Mondo, atheism = WITHOUT GOD. No god beliefs. And if you want to make the claim that there is a god, then it is you who must show us the proof of the existence of your god, without using your mythology book. Where is your verifiable evidence? I can say there is a pink unicorn buried in my back yard based on a storybook which was written about the pink unicorn, and you will tell me I am full of it. Millions of people believe in the various Hindu gods. You cannot prove that the Hindu gods do not exist, you cannot prove that Odin doesn’t exist, you cannot prove that Isis doesn’t exist, you cannot prove that Ra doesn’t exist. And all of these mythologies that were once religions have texts. Human beings have invented so many gods throughout the ages. So Mondo, based on your reasoning, all of these other gods and goddesses that people believe in must exist simply because no one can prove that they do not exist?

With his published ignorance, Pastor Mondo is showing just how little he understands science and theology. My neighbors and I just shake our heads after reading his little essays. (And shows us the lack of quality of this newspaper that prints such drivel.) It’s disturbing to see grown people in the year 2008 who are so incredibly ignorant in the field of science and with such a lacking of knowledge in the field of evolution. Fundamentalism such as Mondo’s is one of the bigger reasons why our country is so far behind the rest of the Western world in the fields of science and mathematics. Mondo, here is a site for you to read through concerning evolution.

Mondo’s latest tirade is simply is an attempt to justify his own worldview. Mondo’s worldview shows lack of tolerance of those who are different. I think we atheists are getting under Mondo’s skin by knowing that we just simply exist. And it is bothering the god believers immensely that there are more of us than they had realized and we are no longer staying silent in the shadows. But I think that it is a good thing that Mondo is bringing attention to the subject of atheism and drawing us into discourse and hopefully he is also bringing it up in his church sermons. There are many atheists in church pews who are encouraged to hear that so many others think as they do and may realize the fear tactics being used to control them.

Is Atheism a religion of faith?

The typical atheist “believes” somehow life evolved from non-living things (rocks, primordial soup, etc.). Yet let it be screamed from the rooftops, not a single scientist has ever produced life from non-life empirically or in any other way. The laws of science and probability all speak against this even being a possibility, most specifically for those who believe it happened randomly, with no intelligent input. Yet this is exactly what evolutionists want us to “believe” happened.


The chemical steps that led to life on Earth remain a matter of intense speculation.” What’s the point? They have no proof, but instead will dismiss evidence a Creator is the only logical conclusion while staying committed to their “intense speculation.” That is why God calls them fools (Rom 1:22).

How many times do we have to tell these fools that atheism simply means lack of belief in the existence of any god, gods,goddesses. Period. We are not the delusional who believe that a 2,000 year old mythology book is real. Atheism is saying gods do not exist and requires no faith in anything. But it sure takes a whole lot of faith to believe that a god always existed, and took interest in a speck of a planet in the vastness of the universe, made his own little pets on this little speck of a planet for the sole egotistical purpose of worshiping him forever, and then plays games with these little pets if he doesn’t like how they use the “free will” so creates a son for himself to torture and kill in a most horrific way, only come back to life and float up into heaven. This Christian mythology is just as bizarre as any of the myths invented by humans to try to explain things they do not understand, or things they have no control over.

Mondo…science is based on a hypothesis, verifiable evidence and facts. Religion is based on faith and falls in the category of delusion theology. Mondo, you have zero evidence for the existence of your god, you have zero evidence that your god made a son for himself and turned him into a zombie and floated him up into some other dimension. Christianity is MYTHOLOGY. A mythology as bizarre as humans have ever invented. Jesus and God are figments of human imagination just as all the gods of other cultures around the world throughout time.

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Jason H. Bowden said...


Atheism is better defined as disbelief in the existence of God. Rocks lack belief in God, yet I would hestitate to call them atheists. We can also prove that things do not exist -- for instance, it has been shown that Phlogiston does not exist, the luminiferous ether does not exist, the caloric theory of heat is false-- it isn't a leap to include Lakshmi and Santa on our list either.

Modern atheists have been for too long drinking the drinking the Kool-Aid of Karl Popper, who asserted that beliefs cannot be proven, only disproven, and falsifiability is the test of a legitimate theory. Here atheists think they have an ace in the hole-- supposedly the burden of proof is only on the person making an affirmative statement. However, if evidence cannot bear positively upon a theory, it isn't a leap to believe it cannot bear negatively upon it either. Here the road to the paradigm shifts of Kuhn opens, and it leads directly to the irrationalism of Feyerabend. Everything becomes faith, even atheism.

BTW, once your back is rebuilt, there's a lot of great lectures on religion online at You'd particularly enjoy Blandshard's rationalist lectures titled "Reason and Belief" given in 1953. Blanshard, a rationalist, is an examplar of the philosophical temperament no longer transmitted by our academic and media institutions; he puts religion in the best possible light before assessing what cannot be squared with rational thought.