Thursday, October 23, 2008

French president Sarkozy fights back against voodoo doll

If I were superstitious, I would swear that someone has a voodoo doll of me!

The president of France seems to be at least a wee bit superstitious since he is all in a tizzy threatening the publishing firm to pull the product from shelves or be subject to a lawsuit.

PARIS (Reuters)French President Nicolas Sarkozy has threatened to sue a publishing company unless it withdraws a Sarkozy doll that comes with a "voodoo manual" instructing readers to plant pins in it, his lawyer said Tuesday.

The doll is emblazoned with some of Sarkozy's most famous quotes such as "Get lost you pathetic arsehole" -- his words to a bystander who refused to shake his hand at a farm show last year. Readers are encouraged to plant pins in the quotes.

"Nicolas Sarkozy has instructed me to remind you that, whatever his status and fame, he has exclusive and absolute rights over his own image," lawyer Thierry Herzog wrote to publishers K&B in a letter published by newspaper Le Monde.

Confirming details to Reuters, Herzog said Sarkozy would sue the publishing firm if it didn't respond and pull the product. K&B has issued 20,000 copies of the manual and doll.

The company has also issued a Segolene Royal doll representing Sarkozy's rival in last year's presidential election. Her lawyer said she was also considering legal action.

Voodoo is a religion rooted in West Africa that is practiced in parts of the Caribbean, especially Haiti, and parts of the southern United States.

According to a widespread belief, voodoo worshipers can plant pins in dolls representing their enemies to curse them from afar. However, voodoo experts say the practice has been widely misunderstood and misrepresented by outsiders


Anonymous said...

If I believed in that happy crappy, I'm afraid I have to admit that I'd rush out and buy a voodoo doll of McSame and Pain his sidekick.

Silly though that a political official (in ANY country) would go all bat-shit about that.

Stardust said...

If voodoo was real, I would love a voodoo doll of the doctor who recently screwed up my first epidural spinal injection a couple weeks ago and blew it off with "Missed the spot, that happens...reschedule for another go at it for next week." Then me left to go home with even more intense pain than I came in with and no mention of what to do about it. (I went to another doctor and am thinking about suing him.)

tina FCD said...

My sister-in-law had a voodoo doll of my brother and used it to give him back pain...yeah right!
Then years later, told everyone in the family that I was a devil worshiper....go figure. The stupidity of some people is just...well, stupid. :)