Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Extraordinary find is "missing link" in human evolution

This is fascinating. Fundies want to know where the missing links are, well here is the evidence. Of course they will probably say it’s a trick planted by Satan. :roll::roll:

Perfectly preserved fossil Ida, unveiled in New York today, provides unprecedented insight into our ancestry

Scientists have discovered an exquisitely preserved ancient primate fossil that they believe forms a crucial “missing link” between our own evolutionary branch of life and the rest of the animal kingdom.

The 47m-year-old primate – named Ida – has been hailed as the fossil equivalent of a “Rosetta Stone” for understanding the critical early stages of primate evolution.

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tina FCD said...

That is great! I need to try to find more video's about this, I don't have cable TV. :(

spajadigit said...

I was disappointed to learn that the notion of "the missing link" might be a little overstated in this particular instance.

According to PZ Myers, though it's an awesome discovery, the fossil is so old that "she's also a missing link in chimp evolution, or rhesus monkey evolution. She's got wider significance than just her relationship to our narrow line."

Still cool, though!