Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Year of the Bible? Sponsored by a SECULAR government?

These folks really want theocratic rule? They just don't give up, and they are not thinking very clearly about what that would mean for religion in general, including their own.

The government, when it gets its hands on our business ruins it.

It’s not enough to have a day of magical incantation, it’s not enough to have their mythology temples, billboards, numerous television programs, etc., etc. Now some god believers of the Religious Right variety want a whole year of trying to force their beliefs on a supposedly free nation.

From Atheist Revolution
Get Ready for Year of the Bible

vjack writes:

Instead of doing actual work for the benefit of all Americans, Republicans in Congress are pandering to Christian extremists with H. Con. Res. 121, a measure to designate 2010 as the “Year of the Bible”. I’ll assume that they are referring to one of the many translations of the Christian bible and are simply too caught up in Christian privilege to say so. In any case, 14 Republicans are pushing the unconstitutional resolution.


Check out some of the comments at OpenCongress.com.

Eric at Standing on the Shoulders of Giant Midgets writes:

Dear Christians: the next time you want to ask what we atheists get so angry about, take a nice long look at incidents of political grandstanding like H. Con. Res. 121. You’ll have politicians wasting everybody’s time on a showy, meaningless, offensive gesture calculated to show off their self-righteousness and religious prejudice and draw irate responses that will allow them to act all faux offended. “Oh,” they can whine, “this is an example of how we Christians are persecuted all the time.”


American Muslims are people of faith underwhelmed by your “Holy Scripture,” and American Jews only believe half of it. There are American Hindus and American Buddhists. Dare we even mention American Wiccans? American Scientologists? And, oh yeah–all the atheists and agnostics.

Tell ya’ what, pals–I give, you win. America is a Christian nation–it’s the official State religion now. So Washington gets to decide what your church is like. There will be statutes defining what a church is and who God is and what the sacraments are and resolving all former disparities in doctrine about the Trinity, the Mother Of God, whether declaration of faith in Christ is sufficient for salvation or it must be joined with works…. No, no–this is what you people wanted, you wanted us to be a Christian nation, so let’s make it official. Religious doctrine will be decided by the Secretary Of The American Faith, who as a cabinet position will be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate. Hearings start as soon as Mr. Obama narrows his short list down. All churches shall be Christian churches, Christianity being defined by a bunch of career bureaucrats in D.C.

No, shut up. You won, didn’t you hear me? We’re going to give you exactly what you fucking want and see how long ’til you choke on it.

Who has a stopwatch?



vjack said...

Thanks for helping to publicize this latest round of idiocy.

Stardust said...

You are welcome, vjack. I posted on it at GifS, also where it is getting a large response. The best comment was suggesting that we have a "Year of the Constitution"...have people actually read the thing and then have experts to explain it on talk shows and special programs.