Monday, May 04, 2009

Morons shouldn't be allowed to breed

Kent Hovind is passing on his legacy of idiocy and ignorance to his son Eric. Talk about a fucked up understanding of evolution, Eric’s lame science project is supposed to show an “evolution formula” which states that the universe created itself out of nothing + time. This goes to show you what private fundie school is producing . . . more and more morons.



Cole said...


What model of the universe do you hold to?

Stardust said...

I go along with this model as described in Wiki:

"physical cosmology shaped through both mathematics and observation in the analysis of the whole universe. In other words, in this discipline, which focuses on the universe as it exists on the largest scale and at the earliest moments, is generally understood to begin with the big bang (possibly combined with cosmic inflation) - an expansion of space from which the Universe itself is thought to have emerged ~13.7±0.2×109 (13.7 billion) years ago[1] . From its violent beginnings and until its various speculative ends, cosmologists propose that the history of the Universe has been governed entirely by physical laws."

Cole said...

That's good. I go along with the Big Bang as described by Allan Guth, professor of physics at MIT.