Thursday, July 16, 2009

Arkansas evangelist being tried on charges of sex crimes against young girls

Some of you may remember televangelist Tony Alamo. He was responsible for some extremely intense anti-Catholic, anti-Pope hate mail that was circulating in the 1980’s (probably accompanied by some request for donations of some sort.)

Snippet from Wiki:

Alamo’s followers sometimes distribute tracts of his writings publicly. The tracts predict impending doom and Armageddon and invite the reader to accept Jesus as his or her savior while condemning Catholicism, the Pope and the American government as a Satanic conspiracy behind events such as 9/11, the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and the John F. Kennedy assassination. Tracts currently being distributed include a picture of Alamo circa 1986. In a tract distributed shortly before the siege of the Branch Davidian establishment in Waco, Texas, Alamo protested the media’s use of the word “compound” to describe the campus of his seminary and the word “cult” to describe his ministry.

Recently, as reported in the news, Alamo is being accused of taking underage girls across state lines for sex. Investigators say that one of the girls was only 9 years-old.

Ark. evangelist’s accusers expected in court

Here is a message from the Tony Alamo Ministries cult website boo-hooing that Alamo is being persecuted:

Pastor Alamo has been criticizing the government for forty-five years with the truth and they’ve been slinging false accusations for forty-five years. You have to decide who you’re going to believe–this government which has already been proven to be socialistic and communistic, or Pastor Alamo who is teaching you the truth. Either you believe Pastor Alamo or the homosexual Pope.

Ironic that Alamo is accusing the Pope of being homosexual when Alamo himself is being investigated for polygamy, child abuse, child pornography, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and is formally charged with taking children across state lines to have sex with them after his alleged victims came forward to testify against him.

Alamo’s attorneys state “the girls traveled across the country to further his ministry’s outreach.”

Alamo’s sheeple write:

The judges, the backsliders, prosecuting attorneys, and government agencies are all in a conspiracy to destroy Pastor Alamo, but God is on the throne and He will destroy.

There's that bad god tactic they use...god is gonna get you!

H/T once again to ChuckA

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