Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Using 10-year-old to promote delusional agenda

This is so wrong. Instead of explaining this dream rationally to this child, the parent is using the child’s own nightmare to reinforce delusional religious beliefs. The father in this video is saying that Jesus Christ showed a vision of hell to his 10-year old son. Kids are very impressionable and I have to wonder how much this child was told about Hell before having nightmares about it. Rationally, the son’s nightmare is a manifestation of some sort and used the imagery he was previously taught for added details of the “dream”. The father is using his own son to promote his own agenda. Pathetic.

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tina FCD said...

Damn, I wonder if he can interpret my dreams too?
That's such bullshit.

Stardust said...

Yeah, tina isn't it a bunch of crap what some people do to their kids? This ass probably teaches his kids that the earth is only 6,000 years old and no such thing as evolution, too. And there are so many of them. That's what's scary.

JimLongo said...

I attempted to post the following reply on YouTube, but the video author has refused to post it.

Hell is an existence where those that have the obligation and duty to nurture and protect a child subject the same to psychological abuse sanctioned by religion. Patently immoral.

I had hoped to spark a conversation regarding how children are treated in a strict religious environment. The boy seemed to look extremely sad in the video. I also sensed a certain amount of coercion.