Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shuttle Crew Inspects Heat Shield, Prepares for Station Docking

This stuff barely gets a mention in the news. People just seem to take space missions for granted nowadays.

"The STS-127 crew will spend their second day in space inspecting space shuttle Endeavour’s heat shield and preparing for Friday’s docking with the International Space Station. The astronauts also will check out their spacesuits and tools for the mission’s five spacewalks."

From NASA Space Shuttle site


Andrea said...

You okay, Star?

Stardust said...

Hi Andrea, yes I am. I have had a lot of doctor appointments lately. Have had some heart tests and recheck for my foot, etc. The Lupus is wreaking havoc with my blood pressure and it's "bouncing", so am trying to get that under control. Plus we have been having remodeling done on the TOO MUCH going on here all at once! I hope to get a post up soon, though.

Stardust said...

Thanks everyone for being patient...check back soon. Hope to have a new post up today or tomorrow.

Andrea said...

Ok, thanks for letting us know. I'm just a worrywart!