Wednesday, February 28, 2007


GhostRose said...

:-) But why does it have the head of a glowing pigeon?

Stardust said...

ghostrose - the pigeon I think is supposed to be a dove representing the holy spirit...hence Mary was raped by the holy spirit? Xians hate the thought of that, but that's what happened according to their own mythology book...Mary had no choice what was going to happen to her.


To make it so that you can see the word verification so Blogger knows you are not a Spammer....clear all your cookies. I had to do this too.

I am still blocked & still don't resemble spam in any way,shape or form. :-(

They said it would be a business day...I am really doubting that it will.

Stardust said...

bluest butterfly...THANKS! I appreciate you letting me know. It worked! (for the time being)

Good luck getting your problems solved. This is so frustrating when things like this happens!

Krystalline Apostate said...

But why does it have the head of a glowing pigeon?
I think it was Horus or Osiris. The Egyptians leaned heavily towards chimeric deities.