Thursday, February 01, 2007

Money Worship - Eric Idle

Money makes the world go round. For the most part, Christians worship money more than their god. Christians fight to keep "In God We Trust" on all of our paper and coins. Why do religious people want their god's name on "dirty" MONEY? It's because they LOVE money...and church leaders LOVE those offerings and know that their big beautiful church buildings and all of their "fellowship" costs depend on it. God won't feed or clothe anyone or give one shelter from the storm, but the money a father or mother earns by going out to work each day will buy a sack of food and clothes for their children. When human beings do not work to get these things for themselves, nothing happens. This god does not even provide for the sick and disabled. People who cannot do for themselves are hungry, cold and even die without human intervention.

Christians always quote their bible for justification for things...well, let's turn it around. Jesus tossed the moneychangers out of the temple, then on the other hand Christians demand money, money money for themselves and their little individual church clubs and "fellowship" activities instead of the money going to help the poor, feed the hungry and other forms of charity . This was one of my problems with churches when I was a Christian. Most of the money goes to maintaining the club and having fun in their own little (or huge) cliques, and a fraction went to community outreach for things that god just doesn't seem to be able to provide without money and human effort. Churches depend on those tithes and pledges, because they know the Lawd wont provide anything without it!

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Krystalline Apostate said...

We can go 1 further:
"A man cannot have 2 masters. He cannot serve both God and Mammon."