Thursday, March 08, 2007

Amazing Conjoined Twins

I have posted this as a link before, but thought I would put it as a main post. These girls are indeed amazing. So, what is so "intelligent" about this accident of nature?


JDHURF said...

As I have said before, even the very concept of an omnipotent, first-cause creator god must necessarily be the ultimate sadist.

beepbeepitsme said...

What is also interesting is how the church would define a soul under this circumstance. I think they would consider that because there are 2 minds, that there are 2 souls. But with other co-joined twins where most of the second twin has been reabsorbed, how do they explain twins beginning in the womb, each with a soul, and then being born as one person with perhaps an extra arm or an extra leg?

What happened to the extra soul?

Krystalline Apostate said...

Interesting. Look's a wee bit crowded, as well.
It's nice to see that our society has progressed enough that people like this aren't relegated to freak show ballies anymore.
Do they date? How do they resolve disputes? Terribly difficult to storm off in a huff.
Lends a whole new angle to interpersonal communication.

Stardust said...

beepbeep, I can't find the website I was reading offhand and would have to search for it again, but another set of conjoined twins say they are two souls intertwined. :-/ They always have an answer when it comes to supporting their supernatural beliefs.

Stardust said...

KA - I was thinking of all kinds of questions about these two girls. If one gets mad at a parent, is there a struggle of some sort and does one have more control over the other?

If one of them wants to get up and get a snack and the other one isn't hungry do they argue or do they simply accomodate the other? If one is tired and not feeling well does the other not protest? If one wants to read and the other wants to listen to music, is there a problem? There has to be a lot of compromising if you are literally affixed to the other person.

There are so many questions I would love to find out. During the menstral cycle do they both feel cramps? Can one get a headache or cold and the other one doesn't? (Both girls have separate spines, hearts, lungs and kidneys, but share a womb, bladder, intestines.) It would be weird to be two people but sharing their most intimate urges and bodily functions.

It really does lend a whole new angle to interpersonal communication, and getting along,

Stardust said...

jdhurf - glad to see you. Missed your posts. I have to get over to read your newest one.

Yes, this creator god must indeed be a sadist, a real jokester.