Saturday, March 17, 2007


Keep a close watch on your bill statements each month...these bastards are sneaky! We have found added sneaky fees on our Chase bills, and they are big assholes to talk to on the telephone and it wasn't just one person...ALL the people we talked to while trying to clear up some sneaky fees that were added on were assholes. AND while our bill was in dispute they kept adding late fees when their own agreement says they will not. No one knew what their agreement says, and no one cared. They seemed to make up the rules as they went along and seem to think they can do whatever they want. We kept getting letters back that basically say "you owe us this, tough shit." We have since cancelled our CHASE card, but others are just as bad. We have always had a squeaky clean credit rating, and have not been late with payments so don't know why they are suddenly dicking with us.


vjack said...

Maybe you should ditch them and go with another company? I had a Chase card that they abruptly canceled because I was paying the full balance every month. My current card is through Citibank and I've had fewer hassles.

Stardust said...

We had them paid off, cancelled and cut their cards into tiny little pieces...and are on a mission to tell everyone to steer clear.

I recently found out that JP Morgan also owns MBNA, another company we had problems with a couple years ago concering inching up our interest rate ever so slyly. They were real shitheads to deal with when we called them about it, also and I ended up paying that off and chopping those cards up, too.

We didn't choose CHASE, we first got the cards with First USA. Then CHASE bought them and then we started having problems.

We have our credit cards down to two now, and those will be gone soon and we are now paying cash for everything.

I really, really, really hate those checks they keep sending in the mail...and an enormous amouth of "pre-approved" credit card offers. I must shred a whole forest each year!

Stardust said...

In the last paragraph, that should be amounts...not amouth...I don't know what is wrong with my fingers today...I don't even have a hangover to blame.

L>T said...

credit cards! ARRRGH!

Happy St. Paddys Day to you, stardust.

Stardust said...

Happy St Paddy's day to you too, L>T!

We are working on getting rid of our other two credit cards and looking forward to telling them all to kiss my arse!

I know this is childish, but I take the empty pre-paid return postage envelopes I get from credit card offers and junk mailers and mail them back to the companies...empty. It's my little bit of revenge.

Coyote Moon said...

Um...that's cuz they're Chase. I had them for 10 years, then the merged with Wachovia and a couple of other companies. After they jacked my fixed rate, I canceled them. They didn't even blink. But when my husband cancelled with them, they tried everything to keep him. He told them the person's ass they should have been kissing was mine. They lost two customers that day.

You know, the ONE card I've had for 15 years and NEVER had a problem with was my AMX Optima card. Granted you cant use them really over seas, but I haven't had a problem using them (maybe only at one or two merchants) in the 15 years. They have been REALLY great.

Chase has gotten WAY to big for their britches if you ask me.

Coyote Moon said...

Oh! And the AMX Optima lets you carry a balance every month, you don't have to pay it off...