Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boston Legal - Alan Shore Greatest trial (Scientology)

This clip is hilarious. . . the far-out things people believe are too funny (but one is no more stranger than the any other)


L>T said...

That was great!

Stardust said...

l>t -- the end was the best, wasn't it? Someone said the last part of this episode is awesome, but we are still looking for that clip...if anyone has it. I would love to see this whole episode in its entirety.

beepbeepitsme said...

I always knew that I farted with purpose. I must be extremely close to a god-like state as we speak.

(passes air freshener)

JDHURF said...

It's really almost impossible to satirize Scientology because simply stating outright, objectively, what Scientology consists of is an absurdity rarely equaled.

I just recently posted about Scientology, the cult of greed and avarice is far more sinister than one would think; the links I offer in the comments section are moral abominations.