Thursday, March 22, 2007

God-fearing villagers afraid of "satanic" bar codes

The superstitions people who continue to cling to ancient beliefs in the year 2007 is mind boggling!

God-fearing villagers snub "satanic" bar codes

MOSCOW (Reuters) - A hundred residents of a Russian village have refused to switch to new passports because they believe the documents' bar codes contain satanic symbols, state television reported Wednesday.

I guess they just won't go anywhere now, will they? (Maybe they don't care. It's easier to believe this stuff when you don't have money to go anywhere anyway.)

"We believe these new passports are sinful," Valentina Yepifanova, an elderly resident of the village Bogolyubovo, told Rossiya television as she clutched an old, tattered passport she said she wanted to keep.

Well, I wonder how rapidly her mind would change should a disaster come and she needed that evil passport to get to a safe place?

"They have these bar codes and people say they contain three sixes. We are against that."

Some residents of Bogolyubovo, which means "God-loving" in Russian, have also stopped collecting their pensions at the local post office because the payment slips also have bar codes that might contain the mark of the devil, Rossiya TV reported.

The last part of this is so sad...they would go without their money they need to live because of a superstitious belief? Incredible!


bookworm_mom22 said...

That certain number that stays with you all your life...well mine ends in 666!
I have always thought that was funny. I love to see peoples faces when they ask for it :)

I love your blog!

--bookworm mom 2-2

beepbeepitsme said...

Someone should tell her that the "beast's number" has been devalued to 616. maybe that would set her superstitious mind to rest.

Beast’s real mark devalued to ‘616′

Mind you, she then would be just as shit scared of another number.

Stardust said...

bookworm mom - thanks for taking the time to read my blog and commenting.

So, you have the mark of the devil with you forever...that's too funny!

Stardust said...

beepbeep - Yes, people who are scared of a number in the first place, would be equally afraid of another that is supposed to be "evil" grandmother was so superstitious about the number thirteen that we didn't know her real birthday was on the 13th...she always celebrated it on the 19th and told everyone she was born on the 19th! Can you believe that one? We found out when my mom found her birth certificate after she died.

Damian Zerek said...

I actually found it quite amusing, especially seeing it coming from Russia, a place in which less than 40% of the people have a religion. These are the types of people if they somehow began to believe that "God" told them to kill their first born children, the Russian government would have to investigate mass-murder.

BTW I love the way you do your blog I always find something new and interesting written in an entertaining way.


Stardust said...

damian, mass beliefs are scariest of all, because like the believed Lady of Fatima stories and the Miracle of the Sun a type of hysteria spreads like wildfire once it gets going. Superstitious people are quite susceptible to this kind of mass delusion.

Thanks for the compliments about my blog. I have fun with it. I was a graphic artist for a long time and I enjoy computer graphics very much. "Dressing up" posts makes it a bit more fun to read.

Tommy said...

What would they do if someone put barcode stickers on all of their Bibles?