Friday, July 27, 2007

Hi everyone, I am back online. An experienced and knowledgeable Comcast guy came out today, in the rain and worked to get things up and running again. What an ordeal to get someone to just come out! We had to call and literally hound the hell out of them...but I am back and hope things keep going now with no more problems. I should have a new post up soon! Stay tuned!


Rusty said...

Huh. I didn't know there *was* such a thing as an experienced and knowledgeable Comcast guy. Mind telling what he identified as the cause of the problem? I've run into this kind of problem before -- only a move "solved" it.

FYI, InCOMpetentCAST is the company that transferred me to hold for 2 hours (I timed them) and when I called back transferred me to a line for a department that wasn't even in the office at that hour. Yeah, I love their customer service.

Stardust said...

rusty, experienced and knowledgeable Comcast guys are rare, but they do exist. This poor man seemed to be the "phone support" for all the newbies and inexperienced field service guys who were out in people's homes working on problems. He had to help them via cell phone while working on my problem. He said that Comcast is as awful for the workers as it is for the customers.

Some of our lines were shorted out during a thunderstorm we had several hours before we started having problems. The short also did something to our modem, and though it seemed to be in working order, it was having some kind of intermittent problem of transferring data.