Monday, July 23, 2007

Internet connection issues

Just to let my readers know that our internet provider has been attempting to resolve area problems, while in the meantime my internet access had been crawling at slower than dial-up speed and the only time I could even get a connection was in the middle of the night, if I was lucky. I have been having other people check my email and blog comments and to leave messages for me. (Thanks everyone who is helping me out.)

We called the provider, after checking our equipment and finding that everything on our end was in working order, however, they still tried to insist the problem was ours and they scheduled a technician to come out on Wednesday. Then our cable television started flickering in and out, and so my husband, who happens to be off today, called them back again and said now the cable was going out also. They said there was maintenance in the area, but we shouldn't be having that big of a problem and would we like to schedule a maintenance guy to come out. My husband said a maintenance guy is scheduled to come out on Wednesday, and the guy on the phone (who he could hardly understand for his thick Indian accent) said that appointment was canceled because of maintenance needed in the area so they were canceling all service calls. Meaning, it's THEIR problem, though they still refuse to admit it. Now we have a service guy rescheduled to come out tomorrow...I will be calling early, early in the morning to make sure that appointment isn't canceled so I don't sit and wait all day for no one to show up.

You think that with paying almost $100 a month that we could get some decent service. Or at least an honest explanation. If you don't see me posting, we are still having problem.


Poodles Rule said...

I am not sure if you have ever read any of the Janet Evanovich bounty hunter series of books starting with One for the Money. I recently finished the latest book and in it, everyone in town HATES the cable company, whenever it is mentioned they say "fucking cable company!"

Very timely.

Stardust said...

poodles, the cable/internet company has to be the most frustrating of all businesses to deal with.

I have posted an update to this saga.

Naomi said...

OMG! Another fan of Stephanie Plum! Even my husband loves her!

And I just (last night) finished Twelve Sharp and read the teaser for Lean Mean Thirteen!

Dontcha just love Grandma Mazur? And Lula?