Thursday, July 05, 2007

I hate when people tell me what I can and what I cannot say

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This cartoon really hit a nerve because one of the things that bothers me the most in recent years is people telling me what I can and cannot say, or what I can or cannot write. It never works for me in reverse, however. These same people get pissed if I do it back to them. I have only done it in reverse, to make them see how it feels...but they didn't get the point and would not even try to understand why when I tried to explain it. Anyway, if they have a cartoon about it, this must happen to a lot of people and there must be a lot of control freaks in the world.


outofcontrol said...

I dislike it when people tell me what to do. It seems like everyone wants me to do their work, do them a favor and never talk to me at any other time.

Tommy said...

Another one is when people say "he comes from a foreign country". Well, isn't any country other than our own a "foreign" country?