Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Evangelical Christians acknowledge the Pagan origins of Christmas!

Many Evangelical Christians are joining in the war on Christmas and saying that "Christmas is unBiblical" and finally acknowledging what we atheists have been pointing out for so long...Christmas is of PAGAN origins!

So, "True Believers"...get rid of that tree! Stop telling your kids Santa Claus is real! Down with presents!

Thanks for bernarda at GifS for pointing to this one:

The funniest quote from this is:

“People need to stop lying to their children, telling them that Santa Claus exists”

But an invisible puppetmaster who controls billions of people, billions of people's souls -- knowing every thought, word and deed, knows who is naughty and who is nice while controlling Heaven, Hell and all of the happenings in the Cosmos is real. :roll: hmmmm.


tina said...

I didn't know some christians felt this way. Hmmm...

Stardust said...


They acknowledge the true origins of Christmas, but now need to go a bit further and make the connection that their whole religion evolved from other religions and mythologies.