Wednesday, December 05, 2007

rant time

One thing that really continues to bug me is how self-righteous many religious people are. Self-righteous folks are like the obnoxious kid in the class who loves being teacher's pet and is always sucking up to the one in charge (in this case, the one they believe is in charge) and showing off to everyone how "favored" they are by the one in charge. They wear their religion on their sleeves (and emails and letters), and without even realizing it give the impression they think they are better than everyone else who doesn't hold the same beliefs as they do, when in fact, they are no better than anyone else -- believer or non believer.

Many of these self-righteous people who wear their religion on their sleeves, and who are constantly judging others are in reality no better than the average "heathen" or atheist. I know people who say their "faith has never been stronger", yet treat the store clerks and even family members like crap. I have known people who say "god is the most important thing in my life" and profess to be "walking with god" but they do all the stuff every other average human does in the society they live in. They watch the same evil television and films, they tell the same crude jokes they condemn others for doing, and many I know have a sort of "outhouse" sense of humor. (They have justified this with "god has a sense of humor" reasoning).

Do these self-righteous who say they are so "faithful" and trusting in their god trust him enough for healing or the solving of other problems? NO...they turn to doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, therapists, -- the science they condemn.
When confronted with the fact that they behave no better than the heathen, that they trust in the same things the atheist does, they will say that they are "only human", and they will say that the difference is that they can hate their fellow humans, tell nasty jokes, do all the things their fellow humans do...but they believe they have a "get out of Hell FREE" card to go along with the right to judge others card they carry around in their minds.

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