Thursday, February 23, 2006

“It is hard to imagine anything worse than turning innocent children into ‘callous killers capable of the most terrible acts of cruelty.’

A Lebanese Shiite Muslim child shouts slogans while wearing a military uniform and holding a toy machine gun, in front of the Lebanese flag, during a protest against the bombing of one of the Shiite sacred shrines in Iraq, in Beirut, Lebanon, Thursday, Feb. 23, 2006. Tens of thousands of Lebanese Shiite Muslims, many of them denouncing the United States, rallied Thursday to protest the bombing of one of their sacred shrines in Iraq, beating their chests in traditional mourning. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Tawil)

War is the enemy of all mankind
The thought of war blows my mind
Handed down from generation to generation
Induction destruction
Who wants to die

(Barret Strong, Norman Whitfield/Edwin Star)


Marcguyver said...

Very sad indeed!

Cassandra said...

Training children for their future.

Rusko Elvenwood said...

That is a very disturbing photo. Before I read the caption I thought it was just someone dressing up their kid for a joke. They're not joking though. Very disturbing. Thanks for the great postings.

JDHURF said...

There are simply no depths to which some will sink to, this being one of the lowest. I have always maintained that the worst sort of crimes against humanity possible are the ones that damage, delinquinize (I don’t think that’s a legitimate word but it should be) and harm young children; such aggressions are despicable and the worst sort of criminal behavior imaginable.