Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tucker Carlson - Loudmouth in a Bow Tie

In the COUNTERPUNCH online newsletter, David Lindorff couldn't have said it better when he stated "[Tucker] Carlson is a loudmouth, but the volume of his rants seems mainly designed to keep the listener from focusing on the details, which are fraught with falsehoods to bolster his ludicrous political views." This is exactly what happened with ELLEN JOHNSON, President of American Atheists who was a guest Monday, February 20, 2006 on the MSNBC entertainment news program “The Situation with Tucker Carlson.”

Carlson made Ellen Johnson look weak and though her responses were excellent when she could get a word in edgewise, she was easily intimidated by Tucker's sarcasms and jabs. I would have preferred to see Sam Harris or someone else up there against ol' Tucker for a more more lively and fair debate. Tucker is an ass of a debate opponent, however, in my opinion, Johnson was not a very strong spokesperson for atheists in America. I even felt a bit embarrassed for her as she stumbled to find words a few times.

Too add a positive comment about Ellen Johnson...at least she didn't make atheists look like a bunch of lunatic crazy people...she is soft-spoken, level-headed and seems like a genuinely nice and intelligent woman.
She was too sweet to go up against Tucker. He was blowing so much wind that he had Johnson stuttering and stammering a couple of times to the point where she could not able to come up with answers fast enough for the asshole.

Knowing what Tucker is like, she should have been ready for any questions he might throw at her. He basically ended the thing with his point that atheists really don't stand for anything and and have nothing important to contribute and had that cocky smile on his face as if he somehow defeated her argument. He totally made her issue seem irrelevant.

As Nodster in a comment over at NoGodBlog.com summed it up, Bag of Wind with a Bow Tie Tucker said

- If anyone has dignity it's the theists.

- Atheists aren't born atheists, they CHOOSE it, therefore can't be compared to
discrimination over race or gender.

- Atheists are cowards for not coming out of the closet.

- And finally we are a group that stands for nothing.

In agreement with David Lindorff, Tucker is an ignoramous who blows a lot of
"Idiot Wind".


Cassandra said...

We finally watched that last night. I was pretty disappointed in Ellen Johnson too, but Tucker Carlson is an ass. I'm also not too sure about how I feel with the whole comparison to gay oppression. I mean, I agree with what she's saying, and I understand it, but I don't think that it's necessary to align atheist with homosexuals. Hell, it's bad enough to the "moral majority" that we're godless, but now we'll be seen as gay too (NOT that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just pointing out what others may think).

I would have loved to see Sam Harris up there!! That would have been entertaining.

Stardust said...

I agree with you Cassandra -- I don't think it is necessary for atheists to align themselves with homosexuals in order to make points for equal rights and freedom to believe or not believe wihtout being discriminated against. I would have liked for her to use the phrase "other minority groups" if she wants to make comparisons.

Tucker is not a real journalist...he is another Jerry Springer. He finds people who are going to make him look good all the time. I hate Jerry Springer type shows, and usually AVOID Tucker's asshole show but was interested in hearing what Ellen Johnson had to say and who she is. We read articles these people write, and rarely get to see them speak.

I don't care WHO is on his crappy show from now on, I am not bothering watching him anymore.

Deedee said...

The part that really pissed me off about it was this:

"How do you, when you talk to members of Congress, assuming
they let you in the office?"


"What do you I say to them? What do they say-are they
willing to be identified as talking to an atheist?"

What an jerk.

"I don't know. You are an adult. Have a little courage. I mean, do you know what I mean? The idea that I have unpopular views but I can't share them, because I'm too afraid of other people's opinions."


By the way, I have a transcript if anyone wants a copy.

Jason H. Bowden said...


I'd like to see the transcript.

Carlson often uses harsh sarcasm on guests who try to pull out a victimhood act. The last time I saw his show Carlson was making fun of some kid who thought males were being discriminated against in American schools. Some stuff deserves ridicule, including claims that atheists are oppressed. I'd like to see the transcript though.

Lindorff is a 1960s radical who still does the hippie folk music thing. Alexander Cockburn, who runs counterpunch.org, is a Stalinist. Yes, a Stalinist. I'm not making this stuff up. These guys are kooks.

Stardust said...

And Carlson is a loser news ENTERTAINMENT geek in the same category as Jerry Springer. It's all for show. That's why it was so funny when Jon Stewart was on his show...they both are in the entertainment field. Only Jon Stewart is intelligent and quick witted and not just a loud mouth asshole.

I cannot take his show seriously.

Stardust said...

One more thing Jason...all else aside, you have to be joking that you are a fan of Carlson!

I didn't say I was a big fan of everything Lindorff stands for I said I agree with his opinion of Carlson. I think people of various organizations think Carlson is a bag of hot air. It's all sensationalism and trying to start a ruckus with guests to get ratings. The guests are probably pre-chosen for that reason. Newstertainment

Stardust said...

I cannot take his show seriously.

I meant Tucker fucker's show...not Stewart...Stewart makes me laugh no matter who he is making fun of and he isnt' trying to pass himself off as a serious journalist.

Stardust said...

Some stuff deserves ridicule, including claims that atheists are oppressed.

One good point that Johnson brought up, "You can be elected as an openly gay politician in this country, but you can't be elected as an openly atheistic one." You have to at least pretend to believe in some form of christianity or you will never be elected.

There is discriminations in some workplaces, people are disowned by families for being atheist. Many times atheists are labeled as "satanists" as my son was by his uncle because many people just think atheist = evil satanist.

I don't have a problem from anyone about my non-religious beliefs as long as I keep my mouth shut about them and tolerate others' religious beliefs silently.

Rusko Elvenwood said...

I'm glad to know that there are so many out-of-the-closet atheists on the internet. It is difficult however to find atheists in real life though. Maybe it's because, like you said, we just keep our mouths shut about it to avoid conflict. Read todays post on my blog about a fight I almost got into last night over my beliefs. It's ridiculous how angry people get when you mention that you don't believe in god.

Rusko Elvenwood said...

Oh and I would like to see the transcript too please. You can send it to rdbutler@gmail.com