Thursday, February 02, 2006

It was a common belief for thousands of years
that the earth was flat.
Then a handful of explorers

ventured out alone into the seas
and proved the people wrong.

One of the common arguments I get about belief in christianity is "how can so many people be wrong?" and my answer to that is just look at Nazi Germany. Millions were mesmerized by Hitler's eloquent speeches and followed him like a herd of sheep. Look at Islam today. Millions and millions of muslims exist all over the planet. There are over a BILLION followers of Hinduism. Throughout history many, many people believed in a certain mythology or other belief and it faded away after time. The ancient Egyptian culture and religion lasted for thousands of years. Just because millions of people believe something doesn't necessarily make it true.



Marcguyver said...

I have to agree with you...keeping your mind open is definitely important, and just because millions do believe in something doesn't make it correct.

JustinOther said...

Don't forget that the planets, stars and sun revolved around the earth, illness was caused by "bad humors" or evil spirits, Zeus and Apollo were gods and any ships that didn't return from a trip must have been swallowed by sea monsters.

Oh yeah...Santa Clause, the easter bunny and tooth fairy.

Cassandra said...

Excellent points!!
After all, if someone told you to drink the poisoned kool-aid, would you?? Oh, wait...