Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Environment in crisis: Are we past the point of no return?

"Each nation must find the best use of its resources
to sustain civilisation for as long as they can."

One day we are going to all look up from our warring, arguing, debating and other distractions to find that we don't have a planet left. Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor for The Independent Online Edition writes:

Thirty years ago, the scientist James Lovelock worked out that the Earth possessed a
planetary-scale control system which kept the environment fit for life. He called it Gaia, and the theory has become widely accepted. Now, he believes mankind's abuse of the environment is making that mechanism work against us. His astonishing conclusion - that climate change is already insoluble, and life on Earth will never be the same again.

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freethoughtmom said...

based on the work my husband does, he thinks I am a friggin' OPTIMIST for even wanting to have children with all the problems we face...

JustinOther said...

Anyone with half a brain (and the desire to use it) can tell we're chewing up the environment with ever increasing speed. The problem is that a large part of society is shortsighted. Afterall, we won't be alive when the Earth is no longer habitable.

Absolutely mindboggling

Stardust said...

It IS mind-boggling! All this hype and protest about abortion by people whose untimate goal is just to get to their "heaven" anyway....

This is probably why so many don't give a hoot about the planet. They believe they are going to live in the "clouds" in "mansions of gold" for eternity. This is just another HUGE way how religion is harmful to life and nature itself.