Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Marketing to the Christians: the Latest Trend

A common marketing tool to reel in more movie goers is to aim advertising and marketing media to a potential audience who are harder to attract. Christians used to be encouraged by their church leaders to shun "sinful" Hollywood, however, in recent years, they are being baited to trust Hollywood film makers and to spend money to see films that are being promoted as having moral or spiritual content. In reality, it all comes down to profit and money-making. Hollywood, and even Mel Gibson are looking for a blockbuster to provide fame, wealth and more wealth for the money makers. Ol' Mel can say he did it for his faith, however he kept quite a bit of the profit for himself, and he gets attention that actors crave so much. Aging actors have been known to try anything to keep in the spotlight.

The attitude of the film industry is "it worked for The Passion of the Christ it can work for "Narnia." (Marketing to the Christian audience, that is.)

"We [Narnia] edged out `Kong.' It's been neck-and-neck," Buena Vista's Dennis Rice said Monday. "These are two great movies in the marketplace that are doing great business."

"Narnia" took in an estimated $32.8 million during the Friday-through-Monday period, nudging Universal's "King Kong" out of the No. 1 spot and into second with a New Year's weekend take of $31.6 million.

I really don't care WHO goes to the movies and I don't care how much the movie industry is making, but what I get irritated about is when people say that Hollywood has suddenly become "spiritual" and is promoting a religious message out of the goodness of their hearts while Christians fall all over it as if Hollywood is doing something for the religious community. It's all about MARKETING and all about MAKING MONEY. It doesn't end with the films; there are products related to the films like toys, books, posters, clothing, Happy Meal toys, bedding, videos and soundtracks to market and sell to the people, because Hollywood knows what suckers people are no matter what their beliefs.

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