Thursday, January 19, 2006

The God Quiz - Name That God!

Do You Know the Name of the God Who:

* Was born in a cave or grotto of a divinely impregnated virgin who was
thenceforth known as the Mother of God;

* Has a birthday celebrated toward the end of December;

* Is a member of a Holy Trinity;

* Shared a last supper with 12 followers;

* Redeemed mankind from sin by shedding blood;

* Rose from the dead and ascended into heaven;

* Leads a cosmic war against the powers of darkness;

* Mediates between his father and his followers;

* Encourages followers in life’s struggle against evil, lies, and the other works of the Prince of Darkness;

* Has worshipers who partake of consecrated bread and wine and who hold sacred the seventh day of the week;

* Is served by celibates and virgins, priests and a pontiff;

* Has a cross as a symbol;

* Purifies the faithful through ritualistic baptism;

* Demands that, after death, all must appear before the judgment seat, and then unclean souls are handed over to the Prince of Darkness for eternal torment, while the pure rise into the full radiance of heaven;

* Will come to judge all and to establish an everlasting reign of righteousness and peace at the end of the world ...

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Stardust said...

No christian comments or disputes about this one either????