Monday, August 28, 2006

On the road again . . .

Well, I am off on another trip -- this time to help our daughter move from New Haven to the Philadelphia area. I won't have computer access much during this time, and will check in when I can, but won't be doing any blogging while we are away. I really need to pry myself away from blogland and the computer and take a break.

The dog in this photo looks just like a little dog we had years ago. His name was Trooper. The only difference is that Trooper had some black spots on his back. Trooper could do many things, but we never taught him to drive a car like this crazy woman did in China recently! I just had to leave you with this story because it's so CrAzy! Human beings never cease to amuse me.

Woman crashes when teaching dog to drive

BEIJING - A woman in Hohhot, the capital of north China's Inner Mongolia region, crashed her car while giving her dog a driving lesson, the official Xinhua News Agency said Monday.

No injuries were reported although both vehicles were slightly damaged, it said.

The woman, identified only be her surname, Li, said her dog "was fond of crouching on the steering wheel and often watched her drive," according to Xinhua.

"She thought she would let the dog 'have a try' while she operated the accelerator and brake," the report said. "They did not make it far before crashing into an oncoming car."

Xinhua did not say what kind of dog or vehicles were involved but Li paid for repairs.


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