Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Woman in doghouse over Jehovah's Witness sign

LONDON (Reuters) - A British woman has been ordered by police to take down a sign on her garden gate which read "Our dogs are fed on Jehovah's Witnesses."

Janet Grove, who owns a terrier puppy called Rabbit, insisted the sign was a gentle joke to discourage callers at her front door.

Her late husband put the sign up more than 30 years ago when members of the church called at their house on Christmas Day.

But police were forced to act after receiving a complaint.

"We were informed by a member of the public who found the sign to be distressing, offensive and inappropriate," a police spokesman said. "Officers attended the address and the sign was voluntarily taken down."

Many of us find being bothered by Jehovah’s witnesses and other religions proselytizers to be every bit as distressing, offensive and inappropriate when they come on our own personal property and knock on our doors and steal our time with their self-righteous nonsense. It’s also offensive to have to drive around and see huge lighted execution symbols on tops of churches and other places, and signs that say non-believers are going to burn in hell, and all of that hateful stuff. Phelp’s groups can carry their signs at funerals of soldiers while grieving families must try to ignore the signs, but even a humorous sign on one’s own property referring to some sort of religious sect is not allowed.

Lucky our village has a ban on door knocking of any kind now. It’s been so peaceful since they started that a few years ago.


Jason H. Bowden said...

Everyone is given a fake right these days not to have their feelings harmed. Political correctness is getting out of control -- Europeans are even demanding politically correct wars these days. (What do they think war is, happy playtime?)

Unlike offending the religious where the PC comrades have the use of the police, fortunately when it comes to national security they are only armed with the Strongly Worded Message. The enforce this, well, with more words-- they say their words are "binding." Ooooooh. Too many pinheads in the intelligentsia around the world think language constitutes reality, but unfortunately thugs like Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, and Bashar Assad are not of the same opinion.

MichaelBains said...

I wonder if they'd ordered it removed had it replaced JW's with Salesman.

I'm thinkin' not...

Stardust said...

I wonder if they'd ordered it removed had it replaced JW's with Salesman.

I would make another sign that reads "Religious zealots are asked to kindly stay away."

Danny Haszard said...

-A heads up on the Jehovah Witness-

There is no Armageddon that will annihilate 6.5 billion people,and install Watchtower leaders as world rulers.

The core dogma of the Watchtower organization is that Jesus had his second coming 'invisibly' in the year 1914.Their entire doctrinal superstructure is built on this falsehood.

Jehovah's Witnesses door to door recruitment is by their own admission an ineffective tactic. They have lost membership in all countries with major Internet access because their false doctrines and harmful practices are exposed on the modern information superhighway.

There is good and valid reasons why there is such an outrage against the Watchtower for misleading millions of followers.Many have invested everything in the 'imminent' apocalyptic promises of the Jehovah's Witnesses and have died broken and beaten.

Every Jehovah's Witness member will grow old and die just like everyone else.
Danny Haszard Bangor Maine 'expert witness on the Jehovah's Witness'

Mojoey said...

NIce post! I looked all over for a picture of the sign when I posted on this at Deep Thoughts: Our dogs are fed on Jehovah's Witnesses. I hope you don't mind if I steal it?

The JW and Mormons seem to have drawn a bead on my house. I can count on at least two visits a month. It is very annoying.

stardust1954 said...

Mojoey, no I don't mind. I stole the photo from some other blog. LOL!

You wanna keep JWs and other religious fruitballs away from your door, get one of these!