Monday, August 21, 2006

Uh, what kind of gods are these again?

People in western Nepal had been resorting to weird acts of solemnizing marriages between frogs, performing nude dances to appease the rain gods in the recent weeks. Women folks even ploughed the fields during the night in their birth suits in an attempt to shower blessings in the form of rain.

Finally, a little drizzle happens and delusional people believe they somehow have control over nature.

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Dozens of Nepali women stripped naked and plowed their fields in west Nepal, hoping to appease the gods and get some much needed rain, a newspaper report said Sunday.

About 50 women in two villages in Kapilvastu district, 120 miles west of Kathmandu, resorted to the desperate move at night Friday as days of prayers and Hindu ceremonies failed to bring rains for the parched paddy crop, it said.

"This is our last weapon, we used it, and there was light rainfall," Nepali daily Rajdhani quoted one of the women as saying.

Although there is no clear religious basis for the practice, some locals believe such a move could appease the rain gods.

Officials said there was insufficient rain during the June-September monsoon season this year and vast stretches of land along the southern plains, Nepal's bread basket, were parched.


brodie said...

Wow, so the rain gods are pervs who like to check out naked chicks ploughing fields? Is there any religion out there that make any sense at all? I doubt it.

Stardust said...

brodie - it seems all deities have a sex obsession...raping virgins, causing daughters to sleep with their fathers, and so what's a little naked land ploughing? religion makes sense to me.