Saturday, August 12, 2006

A rare and spectacular nacreous cloud

(AFP/Australian Antarctic Division/File)
A rare and spectacular nacreous cloud appears high in the stratosphere some 20km above Australia's Mawson station in Antartica, July 2006. Australian scientists have said they were studying what rare iridescent clouds over Antarctica can reveal about global climate change.

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JDHURF said...

I just got done explaining to a theist how, without supernaturalism, there is still so much beauty, magnificence and wonder in the natural world. They claimed that without supernaturalism there was no “romance” in life and I cried the contrary. I suggested that the individual take a look through the Hubble telescope, or contemplate the unraveling of the human genome, or imagine the inner workings of a black hole and what it would possibly be like if it were physically possible to fall into one and then I said that I found people’s desire to turn their attention to a burning bush, Noah’s arc, Jonah and the whale or the fact that Lazerus makes no mention of being resurrected from the dead so irrational and infantile. There simply isn’t much romance in such beliefs, only through secular naturalism is such romance truly found.

Your picture is a beautiful example of the magnificence and wonder that is to be found in the natural world.