Saturday, June 09, 2007

17-year cicadas arrive in Illinois once again -- *shiver*!

I feel sorry for 17-year-cicadas and the way they finally come above ground after waiting such a long, long time only to only lay eggs and die. Then the offspring will hatch and will crawl back underground and wait to emerge to die in another 17 years only to lay eggs and die. And some human think their lives are pointless!


BEAJ said...

I did some extra reading. Seems there are many different types of cicadas and their lifespans range from 3-17 years.
Maybe some are area specific. But you'd figure that even those in specific areas of the same species would cycle at different times though take 17 years to finally come up to shed, mate and die.

Stardust said...

beaj. we have some sort of cicadas every year. Last year the ones here in our neighborhood were deafening.

I feel sorry for these 17-year ones. They wait all that time to come up out of the ground and then animals and even people start eating them! Some people dip them in batter and fry them up in a pan! Check out this YouTube video! Yucky yucky..spit spit!