Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pixel addiction epidemic

It's not only kids who are affected by pixel addiction. It also affects adults in large numbers, whether it be video games, surfing the internet, YouTube addiction, blogging (heh-heh), or watching television.

Back to kids and computer games, neighborhoods used to be noisy in the summer months with kids running around playing outdoor games and sports, but now all we can hear are birds singing, cicadas whirring, random dogs barking, an occasional plane going overhead and the hum of air conditioners and pool pumps running keeping non-used swimming pools clean. But the sound of laughing or screaming children is rarely heard anymore.

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Joe said...

If this isn't the God's truth. We played in the street every day. In my condo complex none of the kids play. I don't even see kids on bikes. What the hell happened?