Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Carl Sagan - speaks about 4 billion years of evolution

It is appalling that despite all of the centuries of scientific progress, and all of the verifiable evidence produced that such places as Creationist Museums are being built to perpetuate ignorance that threatens scientific knowledge, progress and reason. An understanding and acceptance of the facts of evolution does not threaten personal faith, and most Christians can reconcile evolution and religion together.


Andrea said...

Agreed. You would think with even the Vatican endorsing theistic evolution that people would begin to realize there's nothing blasphemous about it.

And that "museum..." Ugh. The stupid hurts me.

Stardust said...

hi andrea,

We can be encouraged that there are almost 64 million catholics in this country to counter-act the fundamentalists. Catholic schools produce some of the most educated and brightest scholars.

Yes, that museum is pretty pathetic. With all that we have learned, all the accumulated knowledge and evidence, people still choose to dismiss it in lieu of some supernatural beliefs. They choose to believe in science when it suits them...like when they get sick, when they want cool computers to communicate with, electricity for lights, sound systems and air conditioning in their houses of worship, the cars they drive,the airplanes they fly in, the weapons to destroy their enemies, etc. Fundamentalists cherry-pick science like they do their bible passages as which ones they choose to accept and which ones to dismiss. (Like Leviticus...they pull out the one passage against homosexuality, but ingore the ones about stoning your children if they curse their parents, stoning people for having extramarital affairs, etc.)

Tommy said...

It amuses me that fundies are so quick to argue that the Grand Canyon was caused by Noah's Flood. We know there are canyons on Mars. What do they think caused canyons on Mars?

As we learn more about the origins of our solar system from exploring Mars and other planets and moons, the more marginal the YEC's will become.

Stardust said...

I read an article in which a creationist was explaining that the Grand Canyon was formed in a matter fo HOURS. I could not believe it. I thought it was some kind of satire or joke, but the person was dead serious. How do they justify these things to themselves? It goes against all proven science and all that is taught in regular science classes at all the Ivy League universities in the country...and all the best schools in the world.

They think something just waved a wand and it all happened without questioning.

Andrea said...

Another example of cherry-picking is using genetic evidence that shows the human fetus to be unique and distinct but denying genetic evidence that shows humans to be very closely related to chimps.

Tommy, I had never thought about the canyons on Mars thing. I'm amazed the YECers don't lose track of all their stupid answers to such questions.