Thursday, November 15, 2007

Culinary Iconography - 2 for 1 sells on Ebay - Jesus AND Mary on a pancake!

I've been waiting for a new one to come along!

Holy Pancake sells on E-bay to some sucker for about $338.

When asked why she thought God would want to put a message on a pancake, Okane told WPBF reporter Amanda Burden, "Because it will get a lot of recognition."

Recognition, baloney . . . it will make Okane a quick buck off of some gullible idiot who is stupid enough to pay for it.

If the pancake is so "holy, and has a "godly" message, why is she selling it instead of just showing it off? Because it's all about HER getting recognition, and some extra cash for the holidays.


Jonzie said...

She got it all wrong! Those are not Jebus and Mary! That is His Noodliness The Flying Spaghetti Monster. He surely revealed himself on a pancake to remind us Pastafarians that His true gift for us is Pasta with meatballs and not pancakes!

Stardust said... did I not see that before? It DOES look more like the FSM now that you said it! LOL!

Praise his Holy Noodliness!

tina said...

Whoa! It does look like Him(fsm)

Anonymous said...


I'm seeing Korky The Cat a character from the British children's comic The Dandy!! :-)