Monday, November 19, 2007


It is easy to prove to yourself that God is imaginary. The evidence is all around you. Here are 50 simple proofs (click on links to read more):
  1. try praying
  2. Statistically analyze prayer
  3. Look at all historical gods
  4. Think about science
  5. Read the Bible
  6. Ponder God's plan
  7. Understand religious delusion
  8. Think about Near Death Experiences
  9. Understand ambiguity
  10. Watch the offering plate
  11. Notice that there is no scientific evidence
  12. See the magic
  13. Take a look at slavery
  14. Examine Jesus' miracles
  15. Examine Jesus' resurrection
  16. Contemplate the contradictions
  17. Think about Leprechauns
  18. Imagine heaven
  19. Notice that you ignore Jesus
  20. Notice your church
  21. Understand Jesus' core message
  22. Count all the people God wants to murder
  23. Listen to the Doxology
  24. Ask why religion causes so many problems
  25. Understand evolution and abiogenesis
  26. Notice that the Bible's author is not "all-knowing"
  27. Think about life after death
  28. Notice how many gods you reject
  29. Think about communion
  30. Examine God's sexism
  31. Understand that religion is superstition
  32. Talk to a theologian
  33. Contemplate the crucifixion
  34. Examine your health insurance policy
  35. Notice Jesus' myopia
  36. Realize that God is impossible
  37. Think about DNA
  38. Contemplate the divorce rate among Christians
  39. Realize that Jesus was a jerk
  40. Understand Christian motivations
  41. Flip a coin
  42. Listen when "God talks"
  43. Realize that a "hidden God" is impossible
  44. Think about a Christian housewife
  45. Consider Noah's Ark
  46. Ponder Pascal's Wager
  47. Contemplate Creation
  48. Compare prayer to a lucky horseshoe
  49. Look at who speaks for God
  50. Ask Jesus to appear
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Andrea said...

What a breath of fresh air this site was for me, way back when I was doubting. The common sense was overwhelming. It's still incredible to look back at the ones about prayer.

It was nice to see this again. Thanks for posting it, Star.

Stardust said...

Hi andrea, long time, no see! hope the kids are doing well.

If every Christian who lurks on my blog would read the site, as well as Why Won't God Heal Amputees site, truly read what is written there, their minds might just be opened. It's all just common sense and logic. Prayer, religious rituals and beliefs are just wishful thinking.

Timothy said...

Personally, it sounds like the author of has a big axe to grind.

Stardust said...

timothy with no blog, if you do not understand what is being published at the God is imaginary site, then you must be a religious fundie?

The author has no "axe to grind" except to point out how irrational god belief is. Instead of addressing the points that the author makes, Xians or other god botherers resort to throwing out wild diversions like you just did.

Timothy said...

I dont consider it a wild diversion. I would consider it more of a "preliminary thought" that came to my mind as I was reading through the website. As to whether or not I understand what is being presented on the website, I will leave that to your own judgment (which, as far as I am concerned, is misinformed, as I have made no direct "attack" against any of the author's statements). So, it is a bit presumptuous to slap a pre-made label ("religious fundie") and, as a result, simply write me off. Perhaps I am an individual that IS willing to face every criticism that is leveled against his faith, willing to consider the arguments from both sides, willing to consider the evidence from both sides, and willing to come to a sound conclusion based off of all of the above. That is, as a matter of fact, where I am at. It wouldn't be fair of me, or anyone, to write someone off as a "radical fundamentalist" simply because they decided that they wanted to voice their initial musings. I trust that you will not deny me the freedom to express my thoughts as I process all that I am taking in?

Timothy said...

Oh, and I just ran across this website. Obviously, I haven't read through the entire thing, as I just bumped into it.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I'm reading it right now.

Stardust said...

timothy, what the author of god is imaginary writes about on his blog is the truth about the idiocy and inconsistencies of god belief and the Bible. I think he is pretty much right on the money and has done his homework.

Stardust said...

I checked out the website link. I think first of all that before one can dispute what the author of God is Imaginary has written, that they must first prove that their god is not imaginary.

Secondly, religious folks claim that their god can heal more easily when it is an illness that can be cured by science or the body "miraculously" mending itself, however this god has never, ever healed an amputee. Has never made a limb grow back. The website link you provided is just a diversion from the fact that no amputees are ever healed. No limbs grow back. God never does the hard stuff.

When people do not have an explanation for something, or too lazy to search for the reason for a coincidence, they say something is a miracle.

Like I said though, god believers are trying to prove their point using a book of mythology written by ancient humans.

Timothy said...

've been doing some more searching, specifically on the resurrection of the dead, and I have come across (at the very least) the following stories:

I also ran across a book titled "Raised from the Dead: True Stories of 400 Resurrection Miracles."

Granted, I haven't read the text, but there have been many other accounts of individuals being raised from the dead in Christ's name.

Just as an aside, I want to simply say that I'm not here for some heated and heartless argument, to be completely honest. I simply find it difficult to believe that God has avoided the "hard stuff," as I have heard from my brother who first-hand saw someone healed of what must have been scoliosis.
The main thing that I am trying to voice is the fact that there are people out there who have indeed seen God do the "hard stuff." Granted, there may be no accounts of people having limbs regenerated, but to see people who were once crippled in some other way suddenly healed cannot simply be ignored.

I am, in fact, seeking to face the hard questions that are posed against the Christian faith. While I may be yet early in this endeavor, I do not really fear what the final outcome will be. Why? If God is indeed faithful--and existent--then those hard questions can be faced with confidence. So far I have yet to see Him as being unfaithful, despite all of the questions that I still have.

Stardust said...

Timothy, there are scientific explanations for what people believe to be "resurrections" from the dead. Most of the time people are buried in comas and thought to be dead, then when they suddenly come to, the ignorant superstitious people are amazed and say it is a "miracle".

People also believe what they want to believe, and "faith healers" have been exposed for their "trickery". Just because you can't explain something doesn't mean goddidit. Why then does this god allow siamese twins to live attached forever, often suffering and living short lives...why does this god just not separate the twins? Human doctors do that job. They attended many years in school studying and practicing medicine to learn how to do surgery and to "cure" people. Medical research is finding more cures and scientific advancements to help people every day. No god comes to help. When a team of doctors help people do not thank a mysterious, absent god, thank the doctors...I am sure they would appreciate it.

Look at people who have so much "faith" in their imaginary friend that they refuse to take their children to the doctor for curable illnesses...and the child dies. There have been several of these stories this past year. Why does this god not save them? Not enough faith? I don't think that would be the case if they carried their faith all the way to the bitter and unnecessary end.

You have not seen this god to be "unfaithful" yet because you make this god to however you want to see him. People make their gods to however they want to be, according to their own needs and desires. Then when things don't work out the way you wish for, you try to rationalize it with "god's will"'s god's will that starving and dying children in Africa crawl to food stations and when they die on the way to be eaten by the vultures hovering close by?

There is no god, Timothy. No help comes without human intervention. No god stops the storms, no god stops the tsunamis, no god stops the earthquakes, no god stops the tornados,...PEOPLE come to clean up the aftermath and take care of the injured and the dead. No god comes.

No god cures the cancer patients. Modern science does that. If a patient says they were cured of cancer, they never had it to begin with...misdiagnosis...happens all the time. But when a person has AIDS, cancer and as I have several illnesses of my own....we rely on HUMAN DOCTORS and modern medicine.

If this god exists (which still has not been proven that he does), he does nothing to intervene. Not a thing.

And writings and hearsay does not prove god exists.

Wise Christians will tell you that cannot be proven, because it is a matter of faith...what you choose to believe.