Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Pray on the Church Steps, not the Capitol Steps."

LINK: Magical invocation for rain

As most of us know, the state of Georgia has been experiencing a terrible drought, and once again the religious fundamentalists believe their god is "testing" them or giving them some sort of sadistic tap on the shoulder because they are not paying enough attention to him. They automatically believe that anything that happens that they have no control over is some sort of test or punishment from some invisible overlord in another dimension who is capable of keeping track of billions and billions of people, choosing which ones he is going to allow to have plenty of money, good health and prosperity, happiness, etc. and which ones he is going to deprive, condemn, torment mentally or emotionally, inflict with poverty, illness...etc. every minute of every day just "get their attention". The puzzling thing is, that these catastrophes happen where people ARE giving their god full attention.

The governor of Georgia is resorting to drastic measures in the form of supernatural begging ON THE STEPS OF A GOVERNMENT BUILDING. That is the main point of objection by many people, many of whom are god believers but also believe in upholding our Constitution and what it mandates concerning the Separation of Church and State.

The prayer happened, it was protested by only a small group of about 20 people. 250 showed up to participate in the magical invocation for rain. Why not also organize a Native American rain dance, call a Voodoo queen to cast a few spells to ward off demons, call Penn & Teller to come up with some sort of magic trick? It's all going to end in the same results...Mother Nature cannot be manipulated. It's disturbing that so many people in the year 2007 still regress to magical, wishful thinking when things are not going their way, or when things happen beyond their control.

It's also frustrating that more people don't show up in protest against using the capitol steps as a religious pulpit.

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