Sunday, November 18, 2007

The history of prayer in a nutshell

The following is an excerpt which humorously explains the history of prayer according to Unencyclopedia. This whole entry on prayer is hilarious, and oh, so true. When I was a Xian, prayer in church was boring and many times TORTUROUS as the minister droned on and on, and people sat with heads bowed, and my husband nodding off to sleep and I had to keep him from falling out of the pew.

Prayer was a concept first proposed by the prophet (and late-scam-artist) John who created it to win the first “most pointless activity” competition which took place in 29BC. It remains to this day the 3rd most pointless activity known to humankind - coming a close 3rd to watching paint dry and doing SuDoku respectively.

The concept of prayer has since been adapted by many humanitarian control systems (colloqueally known as religions) in order to bore the pants off or just accutely annoy people who actually live in the real world. Prayer is practiced by millions of time-wasters across the world. Most developed forms of prayer involve aligning ones-self with East and using a purpuose built carpet.

Some more radical members of the various religious sects believe that some forms of prayer such as murmering words in your head (or occasionally really pissing off other people by saying them out loud) or bowing like a demented parrot can actively improve the quality of your/others lives in the long term. Such theories are under investigation.

Prayer is currently the 2nd seed for this coming years “most pointless activity” awards - and hopes are that it will beat staring competitions with stuffed owls.

This is video is hilarious. It’s similar to something one of my sons or husband would do if asked to say a prayer. (Everyone who knows us knows better than to even ask.)

“I wanna thank ya for chickin’!” LOL!


tina said...

I loved it!!

Stardust said...

I love how he was thanking Jeeezus for the chickin' and the hot sauce. LOL!