Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blaming the atheists

NIU Tragedy

It always makes me angry when Christians blame the atheists when bad things happen, like the recent shootings at NIU here in Illinois on Valentine's Day. Being a Christian or any other variety of god believer does not make one immune to committing violent acts such as this. Just look at the believers who murder their infants and children, consider the pastors' wives who murder their oppressive/abusive husbands. What is the basis for their decisions? A demon jumped out of an atheist and made them do it? The fact is that the Abrahamic religions are based on some of the most violent text ever written and our society is based around those beliefs that are based on this awful book. How can one find hope when surrounded by religious people who are obsessed with death and afterlife and all the negativities of humanity and the world in which we live. Some god believers think they can never be good enough, so what's the point. God believers and news reporters who cater to the religious never bring up this fact.

Let's sort this out. I think Christians need to examine what they believe and why they choose to believe it. Christians can't even come to an agreement amongst themselves what it is exactly they believe concerning your own god beliefs and Bible interpretations, much less get into what the atheist believes.

When their god doesn’t show up, the easiest thing to do is blame the atheist. It both amuses and pisses me off at the same time to see the prayer vigils AFTER things like this happens. Isn’t it a bit late to try this praying and mystical incantations? If your god didn't listen to your loved ones' prayers for your safety to begin with, what good is praying after the fact going to do for you? People come together and support one another. Flesh and blood humans, not some invisible puppeteer in the sky.

My sons went to NIU for a couple of years. NIU is known as one of the biggest "party schools" in the state. Ironically, the school also has a large number of Christian students, many of whom like to drink, party, etc. If Christians want to blame based on lack of faith, well...maybe they should look at themselves. They never question that their god might be angry with their hypocrisy, they never consider the possibility that a shooter might actually be a troubled Christian who was pissed off about the Geology professor teaching that the world is older than 6,000 years. There are many possibilities, most likely that this young man had severe psychological problems and his actions were the result of him stopping his medication.

Yes, blame the atheist, but never themselves for believing in an imaginary friend who does absolutely nothing to “protect and guide” them. Not even in their own sanctuaries and holy places many times.

IMO, the real reason Christians are angry at us is that we represent what they know in their hearts to be true…there is no godly superhero to watch over them.

It's easier to blame it on the atheist than to examine their "faith".


Divided By Zer0 said...

Argh, no! Please don't format the text colour as white in the content. Use your blog's stylesheet for that. Currently I cannot read what you wrote in my feed reader...

Stardust said...

divided by zero...I never realized that! Thanks for letting me know.

You can see it here just fine, though, right? I put the text in white so it can be read more easily on the dark background.

Stardust said...

Anyone else have a problem seeing the text on my blog? No one has said anything about it till now.

steph said...

i've never had a problem - been reading for a while, started commenting.... now!
by the way, as an atheist i'm tired of being blamed for all the ills of the world. i'm a pacifist, dammit! :)

Stardust said...

I steph! Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to comment any time!

I am sick of being blamed for the ills of the world, too. Believers never stop to consider the fact that they are the majority and there are a lot more believers committing immoral acts than atheists. Look how often we read about priests molesting little boys, Christian wives murdering the abusive pastor husbands, Christian parents murdering their children because they believe they are possessed by demons. Look how much adulterous affairs happen within church congregations. A god believing president invades a defenseless country because he says god told him to.

I always point out that the reason abortion is legal is mainly because of all the moderate god believers who voted for it. That could not have passed with the atheist influence alone.

How many religious folks walk past homeless, starving people and don't even look at them? How many Christians don't take care of themselves, and are unconcerned about the planet we live on.

But the atheists are to blame?

Sorry...but this really pisses me off, as I know it does you, too.

Tommy said...

Wow, I never realized how much damagy my atheism has been causing for America!

PhillyChief said...

Whether this shooter was an atheist or not is irrelevant.

Right. No matter who was actually involved or what their religious opinions may be, blame the atheists. Why not?

Thanks for bringing this asshat to my attention.